[coreboot] P2B-LS status for wiki

Keith Hui buurin at gmail.com
Thu Mar 25 05:18:37 CET 2010

Hi all,

As title. Can someone enter this into the wiki?

CPU status
same as P2B-F

RAM status
EDO: untested
ECC support: WIP - Not yet supported by the coreboot 440BX code, but
it's on our TODO list.

On-board hardware
On-board IDE 3.5": Secondary IDE works. There are some problems with
primary IDE.
On-board SCSI: WIP - Detected, but not properly enabled.
On-board ethernet: OK - Works only when not listed in the mainboard's
device tree.

Add-on slots
ISA add-on cards: OK - Tested with Sound Blaster AWE64 ISA. Detected,
initialized, ALSA driver loaded, no sound
PCI add-on cards: OK - Tested with a PCI NE2000 NIC in one slot
PCI-X add-on cards: N/A
PCIe add-on cards: N/A

Legacy/Super I/O
Sensors/fan control: OK
Nonstandard LEDs: Untested - Message LED requires ACPI and OS support
Wake on ...: Untested
ACPI/reboot/suspend/poweroff: All untested; there is still not ACPI
support for this board.
flashrom: OK

Known working build:
r5238 introduced full SDRAM support. Most later builds should work.

Board has socketed ROM chip
Board not supported by flashrom (yet); works when forced as P2B-F with
coreboot. Not tested with vendor BIOS.
Chip is SST39SF020A. I flashed 3 times in a row. No problems.


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