[coreboot] coreboot on "acer aspire 1520"

Paweł Stawicki stawel at gmail.com
Mon Mar 15 03:51:02 CET 2010

Hi, again

I'm still trying run coreboot on my laptop.

Because it has no COM port  I'm
trying run the debug logs on the IRDA output.

I was able to run the logs (through IRDA) but
only when I don't turn off the laptop.
(I can only reset the laptop - and  so run coreboot)

Now I have no idea what to do.

I guess that something is not initialized,
what my original bios or linux has initialized

But I have turned off all Irda and serial port
support in bios an linux and it still works
(booting coreboot through reset)

can someone help ??

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