[coreboot] [PATCH] ASUS P2B-LS support, RAM detection for 440BX, add Slot 1 CPU, Microcode for Intel Tualatin CPUs

Andrew Morgan ziltro at ziltro.com
Mon Mar 8 17:54:19 CET 2010

On 06/03/2010 20:05, Christian Leber wrote:
> On Saturday 06 March 2010 20:01:11 ron minnich wrote:
>> This activity is really impressive. It got me to wondering: how old is
>> the 440bx chipset?
> it was released in april 1998

Old enough that most people would want to get rid of computers that old, 
but still new enough to be useful. (Flash not EPROM, PCI, DIMMs...) I 
have an i440BX based Soyo board which I got for free and I know that 
even if I broke it it wouldn't be a great loss, so re-programming the 
flash etc. is of no great risk. Even if I had to de-solder the flash 
chip I could use it for practice, although this board has a socket. And 
now (after surprisingly little effort on my part!) Coreboot runs on it. :)

So it is probably a good era of board for anyone wanting to get started 
with Coreboot without the risk of destroying something they care about 
or remembering how to do ISA.



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