[coreboot] GSoC 2010

Rudolf Marek r.marek at assembler.cz
Sun Mar 7 11:29:15 CET 2010

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger napsal(a):
> On 06.03.2010 23:47, Rudolf Marek wrote:
>>> Not what I meant.
>>> AFAIK DJGPP is based on gcc 2.72, and that may not support the C99
>>> features flashrom is using.
>> Well then compile with libpayload and write simple DOS wrapper to load
>> it ;)
> Brilliant idea. Not exactly what I had in mind, but certainly an option.

Well not so on the other look ;) One would need to do bit of I/O to/from file 
right? Maybe one could place the file to HIGMEM and after flashrom is finished 
write it back using normal dos ;)

Second possibility is to compile against the libpayload and use DPMI services to 
handle the I/O and even setup the protected mode. If one forces the compiler to 
output in COFF format one can even embedd the application in CSWDPMI ;)


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