[coreboot] Hi...all

ron minnich rminnich at gmail.com
Sat Mar 6 17:03:40 CET 2010

So, if you're looking to buy 150 or so nodes, what's a reasonable
coreboot-capable node *without* any sort of BMC/IPMI? I really need
these IPMI-free boards and the vendors keep trying to shove this IPMI
nonsense down our throats -- in spite of the fact that IPMI is such a
failure. It's easy to see why, they get to charge a pretty nice
premium for the  presence of those BMCs.

Coreboot would be a huge plus. A 45-second POST, in this day and age,
is just simply ridiculous. Even were we to accept that 45-second post,
 the BIOS on this Nehalem new board is so defective that it's just
unusuable for what we need -- it doesn't always come out of a reset.

Ward, what's the latest thing you know of?



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