[coreboot] Re unsuported Motherboard

Joao Mamede forevertheuni at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 15:00:56 CET 2010

        Joao Mamede wrote:
>         > a socket to plug in a BIOS and buy a BIOS external  writer. Can I
>         > have recommendations on where to buy?

    Peter Stuge wrote:

    What's your budget?

    farnell.com should have PLCC sockets and maybe even flash chips.
    bios-repair.co.uk has flash chips, and maybe PLCC sockets.

    For programmer it would probably be simplest to use another
    mainboard which is compatible with flashrom.

Can we remove BIOS with the machine turned on? Meaning: We boot with the 
good one, we remove it, we insert the second machine chip and flash it. 
Does it work?
About the compatibility, I have a motherboard with a socket that has a 
award BIOS, is the chip/socket the same for AMI? Are they compatible?
I'm sorry for the "noob" questions, but I don't really know much about BIOS.

    Check which flash chip is in the system, if it's an SPI chip then
    your best bet is to order the sockets from bios-repair.co.uk instead,
    I haven't seen SO-8 sockets easily available anywhere else.


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