[coreboot] [patch] RE: Fam10 breakage

Patrick Georgi patrick at georgi-clan.de
Mon Mar 1 09:11:23 CET 2010

Am 01.03.2010 09:00, schrieb Bao, Zheng:
> What I keep trying to make everyone understand is not what the rules we
> should use to decide the stack size.
By now, I'm quite certain that the rule is wrong.
Binutils bug or not.

> What I worry is the bug in the
> crosstool will make the rule do the wrong thing, even if the rule is
> perfect. 
Is that only in crossgcc or also in other binutils (eg. by distributions)?

> So far, no one seems to support me that there is a bug in the
> toolchain. I admit it seems ridiculous But the it is quite clear.
If it's a bug (and yes, it definitely looks like that), we can report it
to upstream. That does not (in itself) fix broken boards.


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