[coreboot] Some basic questions for Coreboot experts

Myles Watson mylesgw at gmail.com
Mon Jun 28 20:23:59 CEST 2010

I think you'll get a lot better responses if you try things and ask specific
questions when you have problems.  Download the code.  See how it compiles.
That will answer many of your questions.

> There are some functions in the source code of coreboot version 4 which
> have not defined any where like pci_get_dev(), What does it mean? Is
> Coreboot-V4 is incomplete?
> Is coreboot using some library functions of Linux distribution? I saw some
> header files like <stdio.h> , where are their definitions?
> Is it compulsory for Coreboot to be linked with a Linux kernel?
> Do we use GCC of the Linux distribution or Coreboot source code has a
> separate GCC? Can Coreboot be used with Linux kernel 2.6.34? Can GCC make
> an absolute compiled code, I mean the result code do not be relocatable.
> Please write a GCC command to make a absolute binary.

You can use your distribution's version of gcc or the one supplied in the
tree in util/crossgcc.  You can run make -n or look through the make files
to see how it's done.

> What is the first function of the Coreboot code? Where is it?

There is a little assembly to get things set up, then romstage.c for your
specific mainboard is the place to look.


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