[coreboot] Some basic questions for Coreboot experts

am kara kara_am at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 28 19:38:26 CEST 2010

There are some functions in the source code of coreboot version 4 which have not defined any where like pci_get_dev(), What does it mean? Is Coreboot-V4 is incomplete?

Is coreboot using some library functions of Linux distribution? I saw some header files like <stdio.h> , where are their definitions? 

Is it compulsory for Coreboot to be linked with a Linux kernel?

Do we use GCC of the Linux distribution or Coreboot source code has a separate GCC? Can Coreboot be used with Linux kernel 2.6.34? Can GCC make an absolute compiled code, I mean the result code do not be relocatable. Please write a GCC command to make a absolute binary.

What is the first function of the Coreboot code? Where is it?

There are many questions and documentation is very short. Do you know any 
EPROM emulator for PC motherboards instead of BIOS chip? 


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