[coreboot] AMD740G - Not supported yet?

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Fri Jun 25 02:56:06 CEST 2010

GS Hunt wrote:
> I was looking at the suggested links on coreboot to buy bios chips, and
> couldn't decide what chip would work. It takes some socketed spi chip.
> On my particualar board it is 1 MB, but and some other 740G boards seem
> to have 4 and 8 MB Its an 8 pin  chip. Any suggestions on a suitable
> bios chip would be greatly appreciated.

Flash chip size is measured in bits. Your 1Mbyte chip is 8Mbit.

You could get

8Mbit: MX25L8005PC-15G
16Mbit: MX25L1605DPI-12G
32Mbit: MX25L3205DPI-12G

8Mbit: W25X80VDAIZ
8Mbit: W25X80AVAIZ
These are actually legacy part numbers, they have new produts but
there are too many PDFs for me to list them all here. Check out
for the full list.

bios-repair.co.uk/bios/eeprom.htm sells some of these, not the
32Mbit, but they're a bit expensive. On the other hand they have
stock, don't mind selling single quantity and they ship right away.


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