[coreboot] [patch] Added dependency checking for the USB EHCI debug Kconfig option

Cristi Magherusan Cristi.Magherusan at net.utcluj.ro
Sun Jun 20 08:04:30 CEST 2010

On Sun, 2010-06-20 at 02:00 +0200, Stefan Reinauer wrote:
> On 6/19/10 11:48 PM, Cristi Magherusan wrote:
> > See attached patch.
> >
> > I had to add that ifdef because config.h didn't have defined the
> > CONFIG_USBDEBUG_DIRECT option and compilation failed.
> > If anyone has an idea how I can get it defined there, I'm all ears.
> >   
> Why not just leave it as it is? Someone might plug an USB2 card into a
> system that doesn't have the chip onboard.
> Stefan
Compilation fails if you select the option and the support is not
implemented. If anyone wants to use the device with another motherboard,
he could easily mark it as supported by adding it to this list after the
support code done.

Cristi Măgherușan, alumnus System/Network Engineer
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania
http://cc.utcluj.ro  +40264 401247
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