[coreboot] problems with M2V-MX SE + VGA

Nathan Owens nowens2 at illinois.edu
Sun Jun 13 00:10:32 CEST 2010

Hello Everyone,

I'm trying to compile Coreboot+SeaBIOS+VGA on an ASUS M2V-MX SE, using 
the VGA BIOS I extracted from the vendor BIOS. The result is that I can 
get to the bootloader menu (GRUB2, Debian Squeeze), but after 5-7 
seconds the video dies and or turns to random junk on the screen. Only 
on one occasion did it get past trying to start GDM (GNOME Display 
Manager). On that occasion I had deselected "set up bridges on path to 
VGA adapter" in kconfig. The video was very low resolution (about 
600X400) and it allowed me to log in to a desktop, but after the usual 
5-7 seconds the video turned to random junk.

I have been working on this since the beginning of May and have tried 
many, many combinations of settings in kconfig, including of course the 
recommended settings from the SeaBIOS page.

Here are a few of the things I've tried:

I'm reasonably sure I have a good VGA BIOS image, since the one I 
extracted matches bit for bit another one provided to me by Ruik.

I've compiled my own SeaBIOS and tried the pre-compiled one provided on 
the SeaBIOS page.

I've compiled and tried FILO as well, but more or less the same thing 

The motherboard and video work just fine with the vendor BIOS.

I also tried installing a video card (Radeon X300SE) in the PCI-e 16x 
slot, but Coreboot doesn't even work when I do that. I've tried many 
combinations of kconfig settings for this, but no luck. This card works 
with the vendor BIOS.

Here are couple of questions I have:

Is anyone having similar problems with this board?

I'd like to send some debugging info to the list (i.e, the boot log), 
but I'm not quite sure how to obtain this. Can someone point me to some 
documentation for obtaining the boot log from this board. I assume it's 
going to require some hardware.

Does anyone have any suggestions for kconfig settings that I should use?


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