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Subject: SCO loses, Novell wins finally
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2010 11:41:23 -0400
From: Jerry Feldman <gaf at blu.org>
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Judge Stewart finally ruled against SCO officially closing the case. I
don't believe that SCO can appeal this one, and I fully expect SCO to
subsequently convert to Chapter 7 in the bankruptcy case unless they
want to push the IBM case.

>From Groklaw:

Here you go, munchkins. Judge Ted Stewart has ruled for Novell and
against SCO. Novell's claim for declaratory judgment is granted; SCO's
claims for specific performance and breach of the implied covenant of
good fair and fair dealings are denied. Also SCO's motion for judgment
as a matter of law or for a new trial: denied. SCO is entitled to waive,
at its sole discretion, claims against IBM, Sequent and other SVRX

CASE CLOSED! Maybe I should say case_s_ closed. The door has slammed
shut on the SCO litigation machine. "The Clerk of the Court is directed
to close this case forthwith," Stewart writes in the final judgment. I
believe that means /SCO v. IBM/ is essentially over now, unless IBM
wishes to pursue its counterclaims.


The big issue for Linux here is that Novell now officially owns the Unix
copyrights, and there is absolutely no legal cloud over them unless SCO
attorneys figure out another angle around the judgement. While there are
some other issues in the SCO vs. Novell case, the biggest one for Linux
users and vendors is who owns the Unix copyrights.

Thought you might find this interesting :-)

Joseph Smith
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