[coreboot] [h8dme-fam10] acquiring coreboot skills from scratch somewhat daunting

Arne Georg Gleditsch arne.gleditsch at numascale.com
Thu Jun 10 23:46:24 CEST 2010

Joe Korty <joe.korty at ccur.com> writes:
> FYI, the K8 version of the h8dme-2 (which works) has this comment in it.
> This comment isn't in the h8dmr version (K8 or K10) nor in the h8qme
> K10 version.  I wonder how the K8 version initializes the node 00 bank?
> Whatever that is, I think I need it here also.

Haha, I just had a look and noticed this too.  This appears to be a
massive hack which simply pretends that the SPD addresses of the node 0
banks are the same as the ones for node 1 -- so instead of probing the
banks on both node, the code is in effect probing the banks on node 1
twice.  This is harmless as long as both sockets are identically
populated, but fairly brittle...

To recreate for the fam10 infrastructure, you'll need a somewhat
non-standard spd_addr.h.  Since the addresses you have for the second
node seems to work, you could start with just copying them to the line
representing the first node as well.

But long-term we really should find out how to switch the SMBus between
the different SPD groups.  SerialICE is handy tool for this, for someone
who has the time.


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