[coreboot] [h8dme-fam10] acquiring coreboot skills from scratch somewhat daunting

Joe Korty joe.korty at ccur.com
Thu Jun 10 17:10:28 CEST 2010

On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 10:52:30AM -0400, Knut Kujat wrote:
> Myles Watson escribi?:
>> On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 7:38 AM, Joe Korty <joe.korty at ccur.com> wrote:
>>> As a learning experience, I've been trying to port coreboot to the
>>> supermicro h8dme-2 w/ AMD K10.

>> Ward and others have tried this board in the past.  There seems to be
>> something wrong with multi-core setup for K10.

> I think that why Ward had problems with this CPU family is for the same
> reason why I had problems with it on different boards, the resource map!
> I started using the one from the h8dme fam 10 board. So maybe you should
> try another resource map from another fam 10 board.

>> If you search the mailing list for "h8dme fam10", it might give you
>> some help.  I would disable all the other processors until you get the
>> board working.

>> Qemu and SimNOW are both helpful, too.  SimNOW exhibits the same
>> problems for fam10 as hardware (super slow initialization and problems
>> with logical CPUs), so fixing it there would probably help.

Myles and Knut,
Thanks!  I'll probe these ideas and see what happens.

Another data point: It _does_ continue after the hang, but it takes about
an hour.  I image each memory write is timing out so a bunch of writes via
memset drags the total timeout to an hour.  At that point we try to load
the payload so it seems that I am really really close to the end here....


... the extra trace data ...
Clearing initial memory region: Done
Loading stage image.
Check CBFS header at fffff8da
magic is 4f524243
Found CBFS header at fffff8da
Check fallback/romstage
CBFS: follow chain: fff00000 + 38 + 12438 + align -> fff12480
Check fallback/coreboot_ram
Stage: loading fallback/coreboot_ram @ 0x200000 (1146880 bytes), entry @ 0x200000
lzma: Decoding error = 1
CBFS: LZMA decompression failed!
Loading stage failed!

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