[coreboot] Minor update on IDE mode on Wyse S10 (CS5536)

Oliver Schinagl oliver at schinagl.nl
Wed Jun 9 21:24:20 CEST 2010

I built a kernel almost exactly to Nils his config, had to 
change some things like USB storage as my main boot medium, and it 
worked. I think the generic IDE driver loads up, still says 'IDE 
disabled' but then probes for hdb en hda. hda actually is a Transcend 
IDE disk (Compact Flash sort of IDE disk, but still).

hdparm -tT reports a whopping 1.87mb/s and I can't enable DMA, operation 
not permitted, suggesting the chipset driver is missing, which I belive 
is compiled in.

The more interesting part though is, that I was able to install 
partitions, grub and actually am booting and running with said 
kernel and openwrt distro! I attached a new lspci -vvvxxx output, which 
shows slightly different IDE timings.

In any case, I went trough the CS5536 documentation and also found MSR 
stuff about enabling the IDE port (or hooking it to flash chips 
directly) and that there where certain 'balls' that also setup the board 
a certain way. After checking the pinout of the CS5536 and using the 
very handy msrutil I found the IDE port is actually connected in IDE 
mode, and why the bios lists stupid notions about the port being 
disabled baffles me.

I am now ready I think to start giving coreboot a whirl on this thing. 
Though I still wonder, if the bios can boot the kernel from the IDE 
'drive', I assume coreboot will equally be able to boot it; but if 
recent kernels refuse to use the disk, I may end up being screwed anyway 
:S. Well I could always make a big initrd I suppose with everything in 
it ...

Sorry for ranting on this list :p

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