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The answer to all your questions seams to be yes. Yes the board seams to be fully supported by Linus, yes the BIOS will be completely over written, non of the BIOS functions will be there after you install coreboot, you may or may not be able to use the build in flash utility to write coreboot, but it is a done time deal, you would have to use flashrom (or a vendor utility) for any further flashing. Yes the board is supported by coreboot maybe except for CPU frequency scaling.

Mvh Anders

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Please direct me to make sure I can change the BIOS of the following computer with Corebot before buying it:
Kontron, 986LCD-M/miniITX

1) Does the vendor BIOS have a boot block? If I over-write BIOS chip completely, the boot block will be gone? I know that this board has Megatrends, AMIBIOS with kontron extensions, which probably has some facilities(boot block) to save or write the BIOS chip, can i replace the vendor BIOS with Coreboot by this facility? and if I write on flash BIOS, i will lose the vendor BIOS and the boot block completely?
Please let me know if anybody has some experience using `flashrom` free utility which is used for writing on BIOS chips. 

2) Can i install Linux, Fedora 12 on this motherboard? Does Linux kernel(www.kernel.org), the latest version, recognize all the motherboard chipset, CPU and other components?    


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