[coreboot] build service results for r5609

mbertens mbertens at xs4all.nl
Sat Jun 5 08:20:55 CEST 2010

On Fri, 2010-06-04 at 22:08 +0200, coreboot information wrote:
> Dear coreboot readers!
> This is the automatic build system of coreboot.
> The developer "myles" checked in revision 5609 to
> the coreboot repository. This caused the following 
> changes:
> Change Log:
> Fixes for Nokia IP530 and associated drivers.
> Signed-off-by: Marc Bertens <mbertens at xs4all.nl>
> Signed-off-by: Myles Watson <mylesgw at gmail.com>
> Acked-by: Marc Bertens <mbertens at xs4all.nl>
> Build Log:
> Compilation of nokia:ip530 has been broken
> See the error log at http://qa.coreboot.org/log_buildbrd.php?revision=5609&device=ip530&vendor=nokia&num=2
The warning are due renaming those variables, when it got into SVN .

mbertens at andrala:~/src/coreboot$ make menuconfig
.config:197:warning: trying to assign nonexistent symbol PCI1225
.config:198:warning: trying to assign nonexistent symbol PCI1420
.config:199:warning: trying to assign nonexistent symbol PCI1520
.config:200:warning: trying to assign nonexistent symbol
# configuration written to .config

*** End of coreboot configuration.
*** Execute 'make' to build or try 'make help'.

mbertens at andrala:~/src/coreboot$ make clean
mbertens at andrala:~/src/coreboot$ make
    GEN        build.h
    ROMCC      romstage.inc
    GEN        crt0.S
    CC         mainboard/nokia/ip530/crt0.s
    CC         mainboard/nokia/ip530/crt0.initobj.o
    CC         lib/uart8250.initobj.o
    CC         lib/memset.initobj.o
    CC         lib/memcpy.initobj.o
    CC         lib/memcmp.initobj.o
    CC         lib/cbfs.initobj.o
    CC         lib/lzma.initobj.o
    CC         console/vtxprintf.initobj.o
    CC         arch/i386/lib/printk_init.initobj.o
    CC         arch/i386/lib/cbfs_and_run.initobj.o
    LINK       coreboot
    OBJCOPY    coreboot.bootblock
    CC         arch/i386/lib/c_start.o
    CC         console/uart8250_console.driver.o
    CC         console/vga_console.driver.o
    CC         drivers/ti/pcmcia-cardbus/ti-pcmcia-cardbus.driver.o
    CC         drivers/dec/21143/21143pd.driver.o
    CC         southbridge/intel/i82371eb/i82371eb.driver.o
    CC         southbridge/intel/i82371eb/i82371eb_isa.driver.o
    CC         southbridge/intel/i82371eb/i82371eb_ide.driver.o
    CC         southbridge/intel/i82371eb/i82371eb_usb.driver.o
    CC         southbridge/intel/i82371eb/i82371eb_smbus.driver.o
    CC         southbridge/intel/i82371eb/i82371eb_reset.driver.o
    CC         northbridge/intel/i440bx/northbridge.driver.o
    CC         cpu/intel/model_6xx/model_6xx_init.driver.o
    SCONFIG    mainboard/nokia/ip530/devicetree.cb
    CC         mainboard/nokia/ip530/static.o
    CC         mainboard/nokia/ip530/mainboard.o
    CC         mainboard/nokia/ip530/irq_tables.o
    CC         lib/clog2.o
    CC         lib/uart8250.o
    CC         lib/memset.o
    CC         lib/memcpy.o
    CC         lib/memcmp.o
    CC         lib/memmove.o
    CC         lib/malloc.o
    CC         lib/delay.o
    CC         lib/fallback_boot.o
    CC         lib/compute_ip_checksum.o
    CC         lib/version.o
    CC         lib/cbfs.o
    CC         lib/lzma.o
    CC         lib/gcc.o
    CC         lib/cbmem.o
    CC         boot/hardwaremain.o
    CC         boot/selfboot.o
    CC         console/printk.o
    CC         console/console.o
    CC         console/vtxprintf.o
    CC         console/vsprintf.o
    CC         devices/device.o
    CC         devices/root_device.o
    CC         devices/device_util.o
    CC         devices/pci_device.o
    CC         devices/pcix_device.o
    CC         devices/pciexp_device.o
    CC         devices/agp_device.o
    CC         devices/cardbus_device.o
    CC         devices/pnp_device.o
    CC         devices/pci_ops.o
    CC         devices/smbus_ops.o
    CC         devices/pci_rom.o
    CC         pc80/mc146818rtc.o
    CC         pc80/isa-dma.o
    CC         pc80/i8259.o
    CC         pc80/keyboard.o
    CC         arch/i386/boot/boot.o
    CC         arch/i386/boot/coreboot_table.o
    CC         arch/i386/boot/multiboot.o
    CC         arch/i386/boot/gdt.o
    CC         arch/i386/boot/tables.o
    CC         arch/i386/boot/pirq_routing.o
    CC         arch/i386/lib/cpu.o
    CC         arch/i386/lib/pci_ops_conf1.o
    CC         arch/i386/lib/pci_ops_conf2.o
    CC         arch/i386/lib/pci_ops_mmconf.o
    CC         arch/i386/lib/pci_ops_auto.o
    CC         arch/i386/lib/exception.o
    CC         arch/i386/lib/ioapic.o
    CC         devices/oprom/x86.o
    CC         devices/oprom/x86_asm.o
    CC         devices/oprom/x86_interrupts.o
    CC         pc80/vga/vga_io.o
    CC         cpu/intel/socket_PGA370/socket_PGA370.o
    CC         superio/smsc/smscsuperio/superio.o
    CC         cpu/x86/tsc/delay_tsc.o
    CC         cpu/x86/mtrr/mtrr.o
    CC         cpu/x86/lapic/lapic.o
    CC         cpu/x86/lapic/lapic_cpu_init.o
    CC         cpu/x86/lapic/secondary.o
    CC         cpu/x86/cache/cache.o
    CC         cpu/intel/microcode/microcode.o
    AR         coreboot.a
    CC         coreboot_ram.o
    CC         coreboot_ram
    CBFS       coreboot.rom
    PAYLOAD    ../seabios/out/bios.bin.elf (compression: LZMA)
    CBFSPRINT  coreboot.rom

coreboot.rom: 512 kB, bootblocksize 65536, romsize 524288, offset 0x0
Alignment: 64 bytes

Name                           Offset     Type         Size
fallback/coreboot_ram          0x0        stage        40192
fallback/payload               0x9d40     payload      41248
(empty)                        0x13ec0    null         377080
mbertens at andrala:~/src/coreboot$ 

Nothing broke here it just compiles fine, and the code runs on the

> If something broke during this checkin please be a pain 
> in myles's neck until the issue is fixed.
> If this issue is not fixed within 24h the revision should 
> be backed out.
>    Best regards,
>      coreboot automatic build system

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