[coreboot] ASUS M4A77TD-PRO. First step: buy spare flash chips...

xdrudis xdrudis at tinet.cat
Fri Jun 4 08:02:20 CEST 2010

I forgot to add that the mainboard did not boot when I built the PC. 
It would only boot once when I cleared CMOS, and then never more until
I cleared it again.
I could fix it by downloading a BIOS image of a newer version 
from asus and flashing it (with a tool called EZ flash, I think, 
which was in the factory BIOS). 
Now it boots fine. 
I tried flashrom -r file.rom and it produced a file of the same size
as the downloaded BIOS image ( 1 megabyte) but diff says the binary 
files differ. I'm not sure whether this means flashrom is not reading
the BIOS 100% right or it's just normal because some parts of the file
don't get copied to EEPROM or something...

> Where do you get your spare EEPROMs ?

I've tried a couple of local electronics parts shops in Barcelona, 
and they hardly knew Macronix. They couldn't find any MX25L parts 
listed. I'll try again, I guess...But maybe I should go somewhere else ?

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