[coreboot] Asus M8A-VM

kai_sch at gmx.net kai_sch at gmx.net
Sun Jul 25 23:53:56 CEST 2010

Hello everybody,

I attended Peters talks on 25c3 and 26c3 (thanks! they were great) and finally found some time to play around with coreboot. Luckily I have a spare Asus M8A-VM (AMD690G). 

The board is listed as supported, but it is not in trunk/src/mainboard/asus. So what is the best way forward?

I started to collect the files for a /m8a-vm directory from the kontron kt690 and adjusted them partially with snippets from a Gigabyte board and the Asus m8v-vm. 

Is that the right way to start or is there still a fileset for my board in the repo and I am just to thick to find it?

If there is nothing available I have two questions:
- How do I get the devicetree.cb file right? It looks like the lspci output with some extras. (e.g. the Kontron file contains the SuperIO, which is not listed in my lspci)
- I try to get romstage.c working by copy&pasting and guessing. Is there a more systematic approach that I am missing?



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