[coreboot] #154: Flashing BIOSes from Fujitsu/Siemens is not supported

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Sun Jul 25 17:11:41 CEST 2010

#154: Flashing BIOSes from Fujitsu/Siemens is not supported
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Comment (by johannesobermayr@…):

 First I wrote to Fujitsu and asked whether they want support by answering
 your questions here.

 Their answer was: they need an ID of my system.

 So I wrote to them: I do not believe that they support a 10 year old
 system, I do not have the ID by hand (system was 250 km away) and
 mentioned that my question was not a direct support request for a specific

 I also mentioned they can also benefit when supporting flashrom or
 coreboot by providing some information (may even by NDA).

 But as usual: I have not got an answer since then (~ 1.5 months).

 So I can only dream: A day is coming all "bad" companies falling down from
 their high horse and providing their specifications.

 Just for info:
 You can download a BIOS update file for a current System here:

 May it has the same structure and reverse engineering is worth a try ...

 Thanks in advance.

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