[coreboot] compiling coreboot

ali hagigat hagigatali at gmail.com
Wed Jul 21 12:16:06 CEST 2010

The reason some of you do not like to answer is not lack of time. It is
because you do not want other people know about the details of the project,
to disappoint people or make their progress slow.

I do not ask trivial questions and far from the real knowledge necessary for
the project. I ask the questions which hurts you guys because it targets
your core knowledge you do not want to talk about.

The same behaviour is seen in Linux Kernel mailing list...

Knowledge expands by discussing the darkest areas of the matter not to keep
it secrete in my opinion.

Hey, Rudolf, you wrote 6 lines attacking me instead of write one line to
answer my questions. What is the reason for it you think?

Rudolf, answering my questions take you not more than a few minutes of your
time and it is not a waste of time. Answering technical questions are not a
waste of time, never, as it is a kind of practice and helps people keep
their knowledge updated or refreshed. I did not ask you about economics,
politics and the subjects unrelated to computer science, how can i waste
your time? It is something you can benefit from if you think about it unless
you have other reasons (that I am aware of!!)

I asked some questions to understand the overall framework of the work
without going into the details. I knew about the wiki site of Coreboot
before, how could i register at this mailing list while I found it by
Coreboot site!!?

Go read wiki or the source code are the solutions I knew myself, i have the
source and the Internet connection...

On Tue, Jul 20, 2010 at 7:17 PM, anders at jenbo.dk <anders at jenbo.dk> wrote:

> All your questions are answered on the wiki, in the make file or in the
> docs. Go read them.
> Mvh Anders
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> Emne: [coreboot] compiling coreboot
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> You did not read my last email didn't you? Do you think we are an expert
> system
> to ask? Do you think we have time to waste with you? Of course not, if are
> not
> able to get this, go away and find some other people to bother.
> No, thanks,
> Rudolf
> Dne 20.7.2010 13:14, ali hagigat napsal(a):
> > If i execute only this command at the root folder of Coreboot source tree
> :
> > make
> >
> > Will the project be compiled with GCC of the system or GCC of the system
> > will be patched and changed or it will be compiled exactly with regular
> > GCC of the linux operating system?
> >
> > Besides will be the object files in elf format and when they are linked?
> > Is there any possibility for other formats?
> >
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