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Tue Jul 20 16:47:15 CEST 2010

All your questions are answered on the wiki, in the make file or in the docs. Go read them.

Mvh Anders

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You did not read my last email didn't you? Do you think we are an expert system 
to ask? Do you think we have time to waste with you? Of course not, if are not 
able to get this, go away and find some other people to bother.

No, thanks,

Dne 20.7.2010 13:14, ali hagigat napsal(a):
> If i execute only this command at the root folder of Coreboot source tree :
> make
> Will the project be compiled with GCC of the system or GCC of the system
> will be patched and changed or it will be compiled exactly with regular
> GCC of the linux operating system?
> Besides will be the object files in elf format and when they are linked?
> Is there any possibility for other formats?

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