[coreboot] mconf of libpayload

baiyin cai caibaiyin.pku at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 17:27:10 CEST 2010

  as what you mentioned yesterday, i tried to make to use Makefile to load
the libpayload kconfig instead of using
"source" command.
I can successfully load libpayload's config by modifying some code of the
but the only problem left now is that i can not make them saved in separate
There is a env variable "KCONFIG_CONFIG" which is used to indicate the file
to save the configuration.
i can make it work in the main frame of Makefile by
"export KCONFIG_CONFIG=lib.config"
but it can not work while i put this command under the rules. which looks

> memuconfig:
>       $(Q)export KCONFIG_CONFIG=.config
>       $(Q)export KCONFIG_CONFIG=lib.config

  in this case i can not change this variable. Is there any suggestion about
i cc this mail to the coreboot list, there may some one known this problem.
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