[coreboot] Request for Help/Information - Booting Linux Kernel (Embedded x86)

Graeme Russ graeme.russ at gmail.com
Sun Jan 31 05:46:09 CET 2010

Graeme Russ wrote:
> OK, I'm getting a little closer (I think)...
> I have managed to coerce U-Boot into processing a bzImage and loading
> what appears to be the correct data @ 0x10000. According to this
> (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Linux-kernel-vmlinux.png) I think
> that is all about right.

> But where to go from here?

A quick update - I think I'm getting even closer.

U-Boot had some primitive BIOS Interrupt Service Routines and a Real
Mode bootstrap that I had not correctly enabled during my development
work (very embarrassing). I think I have these going now. I put a
little bit of code which dumps some pretty basic info when a BIOS IRQ
is initiated. So far I have seen instances of IRQ15, IRQ16 and IRQ10
before the system resets - I doubt this can be random code execution.

Digging deeper...



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