[coreboot] Memtest86+ failing on coreboot system.

Myles Watson mylesgw at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 21:16:37 CET 2010

> On 1/22/10 12:36 AM, Myles Watson wrote:
> > I modified SeaBIOS to destroy the
> > marker for the LinuxBIOS tables after reading them (since they are no
> longer
> > useful.)
> Unless you ever plan to change CMOS settings, or update your BIOS and
> want flashrom to know _reliably_ what mainboard you're using.

I did say it was an ugly hack :)  I should have said that I only used that
broken version of SeaBIOS when I wanted to run Memtest.  Since it's a pretty
simple change, maybe someone should push high tables support upstream into


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