[coreboot] Memtest86+ failing on coreboot system.

Knut Kujat knuku at gap.upv.es
Fri Jan 22 00:37:12 CET 2010

OK, thx anyway. I found another one "memtester 4.1" usable from linux so
it won't test the whole amount but memtest86 doesn't either :P.

> memtest in many ways is not my favorite program. I would rather have a
> simple non-"GUI" tester, because in the past I've had trouble with it
> (it can fail) when it did not like the device it was trying to do its
> "GUI" on.
> Also, the way memtest finds top of memory can fail on some chipsets.
> Have not seen that for a while but I did see it.
> No idea if any of  this is your problem but ...
> ron

Knut Kujat

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