[coreboot] msrtool: Read both values in diff mode from file [was: coreboot and MSM800BEV]

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Sat Jan 16 20:26:50 CET 2010

Stefan Reinauer wrote:
> > (It would be nice to have msrtool diff mode available in coreinfo,
> > using a file stored in cbfs for comparison!)
> I think a diff mode would be better implemented in msrtool itself

The diff mode has been implemented in msrtool already since first
committed rc1. :) But currently it assumes that diff should always be
between a file and the machine that msrtool is running on.

> -- If the machine is able to boot coreinfo, it's quite likely
> already that it can also boot a kernel.

This is true!

> If not, you're stuck with printk debugging anyways.

Yep. Patches attached for reading both values from the file.


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