[coreboot] coreboot and MSM800BEV

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Mon Jan 11 23:24:07 CET 2010

Piotr Piwko wrote:
> I've found that the booting process hangs on this part of
> cbfs_master_header() function (src/lib/cbfs.c):
> ...
> outb(0xa1, 0x80);  // <------- It is printed
> void *ptr = (void *)*((unsigned long *) CBFS_HEADPTR_ADDR);
> printk_spew("Check CBFS header at %p\n", ptr);
> header = (struct cbfs_header *) ptr;
> outb(0xa2, 0x80);  // <- It is NOT printed
> ...
> I don't know exactly where I need to begin make changes ...

Do you see the printk message?

Could you also add outb() before and after the printk?

If it hangs on the printk call I guess it's a stack issue.

Did you already try the v3 support for adl/msm800sev?


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