[coreboot] Future coreboot phases?

Patrick Georgi patrick at georgi-clan.de
Sun Jan 10 09:11:42 CET 2010

Am 09.01.2010 23:31, schrieb Kevin O'Connor:
> This is just a starting point for discussion.  There's a good chance
> I've gotten some things wrong.  The idea is to document where things
> are heading instead of how exactly they are today.
Thank you!
> * Full rom mapping and fallback/normal switch can be board specific,
>   but most of the other code is standard.
Any romstage selection should be generic in source (it can compile to
board specific object code).
The proliferation of all those similar-but-not-quite copies of the
switch in the board directories wasn't one of the better aspects of

The current "selection" code for tinybootblock is in
At some point I'd like to see multiple selection code files there with a
Kconfig option to select the desired one.
Before we can actually do a selection, we need a way to fill an image
with mupltiple variants. That's mostly a build system issue, but one I'd
like to get ridhg

> Open questions:
> At what point do the non-BP cpus get shutdown?  What phases will use
> multiple processors?
CPU code (or northbridge code in some instances, I think) handles that
for itself. AMD can (or must?) use multiple CPUs for RAM init, all
others put non-BP cpus to sleep as soon as possible (somewhere inside
cpu or northbridge code).
> How is S3 resume handled?
Rudolf was working on resume related issues recently. A clear set of
rules how caches have to work in all stages should help him, too...


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