[coreboot] FOSDEM2010 devroom needs speakers :)

Rudolf Marek r.marek at assembler.cz
Fri Jan 8 00:39:05 CET 2010

Hi again,

Btw what is the duration of the talk?

> Rudolf Marek - ACPI and Suspend/Resume under coreboot

Ever wanted to know more about ACPI? The aim of the talk is to introduce
the software part of ACPI as well as provide the necessary hardware details to 
get the bigger picture. The tour through Coreboot ACPI implementation will be 
given. Suspend and resume procedure will be presented with all nifty parts 

Thats it. I think I need like hour or hour and half for this. Do you like it?
What sort of audience should I expect?

Perhaps it could even start with a question - what OS needs to know about the 
hardware -> and then show how it is connected to the ACPI (irq routing, PM, PCI 
buses). When done, one could show how this is implemented in Coreboot/what files 
and what does it do. Plus perhaps some hints how to port ACPI to some new board. 
At the end I would like to describe the suspend/resume with some details and 

Maybe some "a" or "the" is missing in the abstract. We don't use them in Czech 
language so I don't have big "sense" for them.


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