[coreboot] Intel Rapid Boot Toolkit

Guillaume FORTAINE gfortaine at live.com
Sun Jan 3 23:59:52 CET 2010


Happy New Year to you,

Let me introduce myself : Guillaume FORTAINE, Engineer in Computer
Science. I am currently working on a custom firmware.

As the industry is moving towards UEFI, I have chosen the
Intel Rapid Boot Toolkit as my BIOS Framework.

I would greatly appreciate to have your comments and more informations
about this Toolkit, if possible, please.

a) Presentation : Cluster Software and Technologies [1]

b) User Guide : Intel(R) Rapid Boot Toolkit User Guide [2]

c) Examples : Usage Model:Examples [3]

d) Prototype : Enabling the Autonomic DataCenter with a SmartBare-Metal
Server Platform [4]

I look forward to your answer,

Best Regards,

Guillaume FORTAINE

[3] http://www.intel.com/design/servers/ism/content/usage_model_ex.pdf
[4] http://icac2009.acis.ufl.edu/files/presentations/Kinzhalin.pdf

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