[coreboot] Integrated graphics controller on second bus?

Andrej Skirn andrejskirn at celestials.net
Sun Jan 3 16:13:35 CET 2010

Stefan Reinauer wrote:
> Are you building with Kconfig or with "newbuild"? If you are not using
> Kconfig, you have to edit the file Config.lb instead of the file
> devicetree.cb
Kconfig, but I have same device tree in both Config.lb and 
devicetree.cb. Just in case you're wondering, the results are exactly 
same even if I don't have the VGA device defined in the device trees, 
just without the extra debug output (meaning just "PCI: 01:00.0, bad id 
0xffffffff" instead).
>> In vt8623 enable_dev for device PCI: 01:00.0.
>> Disabling static device: PCI: 01:00.0
> The device is explicitly disabled in the static device tree.
There's discussion on just this debug message/issue on the v3 at the 
threat on 
http://www.mail-archive.com/coreboot@coreboot.org/msg04745.html; which I 
believe you're well familiar with. Anyway, what that debug message 
really means is the device appears in the static device tree 
(devicetree.cb) but has an undefined vendor & device id. In this case, 
they're 0xffffffff which suggests the bridge isn't really functioning. I 
can't spot any relevant differences from the factory BIOS Northbridge 
registers, though. The EPIA-M code is very old and the CLE266 
Northbridge code has only ever been used with it, so there might be some 
gotcha's with that.

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