[coreboot] CoreBoot on EPIA 800

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Fri Jan 1 19:32:05 CET 2010

Mike wrote:
> I can see that the BIOS is PLCC but the RD1-PL is out of stock and
> I think I read something about the later replacement models not
> working with some EPIA boards.

That's correct. I'm afraid I don't think there is any BIOS savior
still available which works for the older EPIA boards. The flash
chips have parallel address and data lines, so RD1-PL is the one you

As an alternative you could order a few spare flash chips and make
them into pushpinflash:


I still have some flash chips that would fit, if you'd like I'm happy
to send them to you next week for a small cost. (From Sweden)

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