[coreboot] Tester hardware

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Tue Feb 23 21:14:08 CET 2010

Ward Vandewege wrote:
> The automatic testing framework Stepan built a few years ago - I'd
> love to get a few boards set up for that. I have some boards lying
> around that could be used for that. My main problem is cost:

You're not alone. I've wanted to create affordable tester hardware
for quite some time now. I think it's the only way we'll get more
boot testing.

These are the features I had in mind;

. LPC/FWH/SPI bootable
. Serial port for logging BUT (board under test) output
. Ideally USB host for USB debug device console
. LAN connection
. A few GPO pins for power button/reset button/PWROK signalling

An ALIX has most of this at a cost that can't be beat. Only booting
is missing. Though an FPGA rocks I think a small microcontroller and
actual flash chips may be the simplest and cheapest way to do it. The
microcontroller is for flashing from ALIX, maybe also GPO pins and
serial port.

Thoughts? Did I overlook a cricical feature? Preorders?


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