[coreboot] coreboot v2 support for Atom N450 @ 1.67GHz + ICH8M embedded board

Matthias Wenzel coreboot at mazzoo.de
Sun Feb 14 21:37:50 CET 2010

> Am Sonntag, den 14.02.2010, 15:29 +0200 schrieb eran shemi:
>> I am a newbie in coreboot. 

so am I.

>> I want to know if coreboot v2 support
>> Atom N450 @ 1.67GHz + ICH8M embedded board.
> I do not think so. But please take a look at [1] on what information to
> provide.

Both the N450 (Atom with integrated Northbridge, and intel graphics on
one die, a.k.a. "uncore", a.k.a. Pineview, a.k.a. Pinetrail) and the
ICH8m southbridge are unsupported.

However that's also one of the Platforms I dream to port coreboot to,
but I didn't start a line of code in coreboot yet.
But I wrote a small tool that allows you to dump the GbE BLOB and BIOS
from your flash contents, that are not organized as a normal BIOS but in
descriptor mode. This is (at least) related to ICH8 and ICH9, and when
your board runs GbE, not only Fast ethernet, this is a good indicator
your SPI flash's contents are in descriptor mode.
Also with coreboot you'll need the GbE BLOB to have GbE operational.
For porting and reversing you'll likely also need the BIOS itself.

Sounds like you have one of the CES2010 new netbooks? which one?

try running flasrom on it, then "descriptormode" the tool I wrote:



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