[coreboot] Building Televideo/TC7010 on Fedora 12

Peter Bannis peterjayb at gmail.com
Sat Feb 13 19:36:33 CET 2010


My last successful build for the Televideo/TC7010  was r3147.  The TC7010
differs little from the TC7020.  I have put in some hours trying to figure
out why but no success yet.  The changes I have noticed :

Changes in crt0_includes.h where  failover and auto.inc ( romstage.inc )
are called after cpu and south bridge initialisation.
romcc generates wrong code in pc97317_early_serial_init.c
    /* Wait for the clock to stabilise */
     while(!inb(PM_BASE + 1 & 0x80))

 595                      /* ,:0.0 */
 596                      /*
 597                       * __builtin_inb,<built-in>:1.0
 598                       * inb,io.h:31.29
 599                       *
 600                       * main,romstage.c:43.30
 601                       */
 602 02db E480             inb  $128 , %al
 603 02dd 0FB6E8           movzx %al, %ebp
 604                      /*
 605                       *
 606                       * main,romstage.c:43.30
 607                       */
 608 02e0 85ED             test %ebp, %ebp
 609 02e2 74F7             jz L1024

We really want to test the high bit of index reg 0x03 at port 0xe8 for clock

This is not the problem however as the same code was generated in r3147.

can someone send me a rom image for the Televideo/TC7020 latest build that
way I'd know I need to change my platform or patch the r3147 rom to follow
the same initialization sequence.

All ideas welcomed!

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