[coreboot] Where to find document for bayou.xml?

jasonzhao zhao_jian_li at yahoo.com.cn
Thu Feb 11 10:02:47 CET 2010

Hi Peter,
Sorry for late reply! 

Peter Stuge wrote:
>Personally I have used bayou version 0.2 successfully with changes in what
>payloads should be included. I am not sure if version 0.3 has worked for me
The 0.3 version do not work with my COREBOOT. The revision of my COREBOOT
code is 4379, and I have disabled CBFS by set CONFIG_CBFS=0.

>What is the mode of operation that you want here? Do you want to use the
chain >functionality so that coreinfo is started if SeaBIOS somehow fails -
or do you >want a menu where the user chooses between SeaBIOS and coreinfo?
I want COREBOOT can boot to XP on ATA device with SEABIOS, and boot to
another OS on flash device with FILO(for its support on USB).
The original idea is we wonder a system could fast boot to an OS(like slitaz
OS, 30MB size) located on USB flash device, based on the COREBOOT code base.
A platform target at Cloud Computing may have this requirement. 
After the fail to try BAYOU, I found it is quite easy to call FILO from
SEABIOS. However at this time, I then found EHCI/OCHI are not supported by
LIBPAYLOAD, and UHCI is too slow to load a 30MB size OS. So I guess we will
have to accept a fast booting OS on ATA device. Even Ubuntu 10.4 can be a
choice for us, since I heard that the second alpha of it claims 15 seconds



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