[coreboot] mct_d fatal exit, Coreboot won't restart anymore.

Patrick Georgi patrick at georgi-clan.de
Wed Feb 10 19:03:36 CET 2010

Am 10.02.2010 16:40, schrieb Knut Kujat:
> I could remove USE_OPTION_TABLE and set HAVE_OPTION_TABLE to 0 without
It should be enough to set USE_OPTION_TABLE to 0, but this won't hurt
HAVE_OPTION_TABLE is supposed to state the fact that the board _can_
support an option table (not all can), USE_OPTION_TABLE is the user
servicable part where you state if you want to use that feature.

> problems after booting with coreboot I flashed vendor Bios and started
> the machine and for the first time it didn't ask to recover CMOS memory.
> Now can I assume that coreboot doesn't "remember" anything form the last
> time the computer was on? Like it boot every time like its the first time?
Unless there's something more intricate going on, with the chipset
storing some additional information, every boot will be the same, yes.

If there are still issues, there must be some chipset specific bug in
the code - but I think that's not very likely, if it still misbehaved
after you unplugged power over the night.


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