[coreboot] mct_d fatal exit, Coreboot won't restart anymore.

Patrick Georgi patrick at georgi-clan.de
Wed Feb 10 13:02:24 CET 2010

Am 10.02.2010 09:29, schrieb Knut Kujat:
> Hi,
> after almost 2 weeks coreboot working without a problem on my h8qme, it
> froze and refused to restart complaining on the serial a "mct_d fatal
> exit" Since my colleagues, here at the lab, were doing some sort of
> memory messages traffic tests and it happens that sometimes the machines
> involved in these tests just quite there job (even with factory BIOS) I
> wasn't really concerned when they told me that the "coreboot machine"
> stopped working but the weird thing is that it refused to start again
> even after plugging out the cable and plugging it in after a few minutes
> and even a night. It was still complaining of "mct_d fatal exit" so I
> sorted out that it has something to do with memory initialization,
> right? Thats a problem because I had to change the chip to vendor BIOS
> booting and later switching again to coreboot. Now here is my question
> is there some way to boot with coreboot every time like its the first
> time? Would dumping everything in nvram help and if yes how do I manage
> to do that?
It might be some CMOS issue.

If it is, you could disable the USE_OPTION_TABLE feature for your board
entirely. Without it, all configuration values are hard coded (eg.
serial config).
Depending on how your board and chipset are prepared to work without the
feature, it might be trivial, or lots of work.
I'd test with the CMOS reset jumper first, if that's really the issue.


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