[coreboot] Where to find document for bayou.xml?

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Tue Feb 9 09:12:31 CET 2010

jasonzhao wrote:
> >The payloads are included into the bayou ELF file, right?
> Yes, I put seabios binary file into bayou's directory and tell that
> to bayou bayou.xml file.

Yep. This is how bayou always has worked, and it is also the reason
that I think CBFS can be ignored unless you really require it.

> At the end of web page of Coreboot.org/bayou there is claim that
> many changes need to be made to coreboot and Lar(not CBFS) and
> buildrom and libpayload, seems too difficult to me:).

They are needed to allow a new use case for bayou where bayou itself
is stored in CBFS as normal/payload, bayou.xml is maybe also stored
in CBFS, and finally each payload file that bayou wants to start will
also be stored in CBFS, and all files will be stored separately.

But for the way things work now, where the bayou ELF file includes
all the secondary payloads all those changes are not needed at all.


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