[coreboot] Where to find document for bayou.xml?

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Tue Feb 9 08:41:23 CET 2010

jasonzhao wrote:
> Or, can you tell me where is wrong in the bayou.xml at below?

It is difficult for me to read your xml because of how it is included
in the email. Next time please send the two xml files as attachment.

Personally I have used bayou version 0.2 successfully with changes in
what payloads should be included. I am not sure if version 0.3 has
worked for me yet.

What is the mode of operation that you want here? Do you want to use
the chain functionality so that coreinfo is started if SeaBIOS
somehow fails - or do you want a menu where the user chooses between
SeaBIOS and coreinfo?


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