[coreboot] Where to find document for bayou.xml?

jasonzhao zhao_jian_li at yahoo.com.cn
Tue Feb 9 05:30:33 CET 2010

Thank you for your infomation, this may be another way to achieve my task
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On Mon, Feb 08, 2010 at 04:26:15PM +0800, jasonzhao wrote:
> hi Jordan,
> Do you have any document talking about how to write a BAYOU xml
> file,where to get it?
> Or, can you tell me where is wrong in the bayou.xml at below?
> Many thanks.
> I have a bios.bin.elf(seabios binary file) and coreinfo.elf included
> in my bayou.elf, so a bayou.xml is written based on
> bayou.xml.example, but BAYOU fails to parse it at run time: The
> serial output has some messy code, and the screen output only have
> "default chain" and "y"(keyboard can be used to choose, but pressing
> [return] has no response).

I don't know what is required to configure Bayou.  However, it's
possible to have SeaBIOS launch payloads (eg, coreinfo.elf) - see the
directions at:




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