[coreboot] #15: fix abuild for all boards that use the "three images solution

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Fri Feb 5 08:25:44 CET 2010

#15: fix abuild for all boards that use the "three images solution
   Reporter:  anonymous          |          Owner:  yhlu   
       Type:  defect             |         Status:  closed 
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  Component:  coreboot           |     Resolution:  wontfix
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Comment(by CobraMacos):

 Just to share an expirience:
 I digg a way to rip YouTube movies. Some of are sites where you put the
 link from YouTube and it gives you file with strange extension and small
 size. Some are really complicated.
 My way was to use moviesherlock (moviesherlock.com or sm like this -
 please ask me - will rememeber). Really simple utility, that just works,
 and only 1 button in software.
 downloaded it from here:
 I downloaded even HD movies!

 But it looks too simple, has no player, but just works. It downloaded ~12
 concurrent movies for me and actually slows down my system. Its possible
 to do search in <a href=http://moviesherlock.com>moviesherlock</a> and
 search results differs from what you see in YouTube. Thats strange.
 Who knows - Tube results are same for same text? I loves cat (Simons cat /
 Why doesn't youtube allows to download its movies without external
 tools?!! It actually sucks!

 Thanks in advance!

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