[coreboot] arima irq issues

Hugh Greenberg hng at lanl.gov
Tue Feb 2 17:04:25 CET 2010

Unfortunately, I do not have a single board with the original vendor 
bios.  These nodes were all flashed with LinuxBios a long time ago.  I 
was trying to upgrading them to a newer version so I could use gpxe.  
Does anyone have this information?  Thanks.

Hugh Greenberg

On 02/02/2010 01:18 AM, Knut Kujat wrote:
> Hi,
> I used to have the same problems with mptable but because my entrance in
> mptable for my network devices weren't correct so they never got an irq
> assigned. Could you send in a lspci -vvv (with vendor bios)  and the
> lines from mptable where you assign irq to your network device(s?)?
> Thanks,
> Knut Kujat.
> Hugh Greenberg escribió:
>> They look correct to me, but I don't know exactly what to look for.  I
>> checked the irq tables and they were correct.  I checked the mptable
>> and tried change things, but nothing helped.  Linux ernels>= 2.6.30
>> do not permit my pci devices to work correctly.  Kernels older than
>> that seem to work.  Attached is the output from coreboot and from Linux.

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