[coreboot] MSC board CXB-A945M

Wolfgang Schaefer wolfgang.schaefer at funkwerk-avionics.com
Tue Feb 2 16:08:33 CET 2010

Dear Stefan,
I'm in contact with the BIOs developer of this mainboard. I get the
original BIOs and the flash and recovery tool from him.

Now I will start with the D945GCLF and try to get work the superIO.

Kind Regards,

Stefan Reinauer wrote:
> On 1/28/10 5:40 PM, Wolfgang Schaefer wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I'm trying to get coreboot to work on a MSC COM Express Module: CXB-A945M.
>> < http://www.msc-ge.com/en/produkte/com/com_express/cxb_a945m.html >
>> My knowledge from this board is:
>> CPU: Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz
>> Northbridge 945GME
>> Southbridge ICH7M DH
>> superIOchip FDC37N972
>> PhoenixBIOS: BIOS Version V2.00
>> HW revision 1.1
>> Please find attached the output from flashrom and superiotool.
>> The current PhoenixBIOS takes nearly 15 seconds to boot. This is too
>> much for us!
>> We aspire to boot linux and start our application under 20 seconds.
>> What we need from the board environment is:
>> USB
>> AC97
>> LAN
>> PATA for CF-Card
>> I2C
>> RTC
>> Now my question: can I get coreboot to work with this board and what
>> can/must I do?
>> Best Regards,
>> Wolfgang
> Dear Wolfgang,
> First, you should make sure you can recover from any failed flashing
> attempts, so you need a SPI programmer.
> Next, you should start with another Atom + i945 target in the tree, such
> as the Intel D945GCLF and start adapting it.
> The first task you need to get right is SuperIO initialization, so you
> can get messages on the COM port (on the carrier?). Check auto.c of that
> board for hints on how it's done on the d945gclf. You might need to
> change the defines to select a 945 mobile chipset like on the Kontron
> 986LCD-M. The d945gclf uses a non-mobile version of the chipset.
> Once you see coreboot messages on the serial console, you can start
> debugging other issues as they might appear.
> The Kontron 986LCD-M we ported coreboot to has an LVDS slot, too, but I
> believe LVDS on i945 was not tested so far.
> It might just be an issue of the right answer to the int15 calls of the
> VGA OPROM though.
> Best regards,
> Stefan



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