[coreboot] arima irq issues

Knut Kujat knuku at gap.upv.es
Tue Feb 2 09:18:44 CET 2010

I used to have the same problems with mptable but because my entrance in
mptable for my network devices weren't correct so they never got an irq
assigned. Could you send in a lspci -vvv (with vendor bios)  and the
lines from mptable where you assign irq to your network device(s?)?

Knut Kujat.

Hugh Greenberg escribió:
> They look correct to me, but I don't know exactly what to look for.  I
> checked the irq tables and they were correct.  I checked the mptable
> and tried change things, but nothing helped.  Linux ernels >= 2.6.30
> do not permit my pci devices to work correctly.  Kernels older than
> that seem to work.  Attached is the output from coreboot and from Linux.

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