[coreboot] CB won't boot with changed folder name.

Patrick Georgi patrick at georgi-clan.de
Mon Feb 1 11:55:37 CET 2010

Am 01.02.2010 11:51, schrieb Knut Kujat:
> I compiled it without any problems I flashed it and then started the
> machine, so now two things usually happen; it reboots or it halts.
> I'm so sorry to bother you guys with such a thing but I'm not able to
> make it work and I'm now really curious about what could probably cause
> such a strange behavior.  
Just to make sure: You're using the newconfig/buildtarget/abuild method
of building coreboot, right?

Could you post the build trees of both builds (inside the h8dmr_fam10
tree, and of the copy) somewhere? I'd like to look into that.


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