[coreboot] Re : Tinyscheme ported to coreboot/libpayload

Sylvain Ageneau sylvain_ageneau at yahoo.fr
Mon Feb 1 03:12:57 CET 2010

Hello Stefan,

Ok, I get your point about the impossibility to merge some of dietlibc into libpayload.

But for purpose of using tinyscheme as a scripting language on top of coreboot, would the fact the interpreter's executable is linked against GPL code also make any scheme script using it necessarily GPL ?

In the patches I sent you, the dietlibc part is kept separate from libpayload. In any case, I'll see if I can remove the dietlibc dependency, I had actually started to implement some of the missing functions before I found out about dietlibc.


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Objet : Re: [coreboot] Tinyscheme ported to coreboot/libpayload

Dear Silvain,

On 1/31/10 1:34 PM, Sylvain Ageneau wrote: 
>>I'd like to announce that tinyscheme >can now run as a coreboot payload.
>>TinyScheme is a lightweight Scheme interpreter that implements as large
>a subset of R5RS as was possible without getting very large and
>complicated. It is meant to be used as an embedded scripting
>for other programs. As such, it does not offer IDEs or extensive
>although it does sport a small top-level loop, included conditionally.
>A lot of functionality in TinyScheme is included conditionally, to
>developers freedom in balancing features and footprint.
>Programmatically, foreign functions in C can be added and values
>can be defined in the Scheme environment. 
Thank you very much for your efforts.

>port was quite straightforward, most of the needed fonctionality needed
>was already in libpayload. It was probably possible to adapt tinyscheme
>to run on an unmodified libpayload but it didn't seem difficult to take
>the needed C functions from dietlibc (mostly stdio / math stuff) so I
>went that way instead (just needed to make some stubs for some low
>level functions like read/write). I don't know what your policy is with
>respect to integrating code from another GPL project but it looks like
>quite a bit of dietlibc could be easily integrated into libpayload.
>Some stuff uses syscalls and the like but other code doesn't require
>any fancy OS functionality.
Please note that libpayload is _not_ released under the GPL, but under
the BSD license (just like tinyscheme, btw), so it can not share code
with GPL projects.

Please also check http://www.coreboot.org/Development_Guidelines#How_to_contribute,
especially the section on signing off patches. :-)

Best regards,


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