[coreboot] USB2.0 extension card problems

Stefan Reinauer stepan at coresystems.de
Sat Dec 18 20:00:30 CET 2010

On 12/18/10 6:01 AM, Tadas S wrote:
> I have inserted USB2.0 pci extension card to msi ms6119 mainboard.
> The problems appear when I try to boot from USB flash drive attached 
> to that controller. If coreboot detects that controller as EHCI, the 
> boot fails just at FILO.
> If coreboot detects it as UHCI, the boot is successful, but very slow 
> and OS don't show any signs of EHCI controller.
> It looks like swapping flash drive to other ports of controller, makes 
> controller detection different (UHCI or EHCI).
> If there's no flash drive, it looks like it always detect it as EHCI 
> controller.

Is busmastering enabled on your EHCI controller?

> May it be the problem with interrupt routing? I used old irq_tables.c 
> file that I have extracted from original bios some time ago.
> But with current tree's file the situation is similar (attached 
> Uwes.txt file)
The FILO drivers use no interrupts.

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